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Skills Funding Agency

Tuesday July 8, 2014
Skills Funded Agency list of training providers and colleges, along with how much funding they were allocated updated June 2014.
Tuesday June 25, 2013

Newly Updated - The Register of Training Organisations is a single list of organisations that have been successful in the Skills Funding Agency's Due Diligence Assurance Gateway process for the delivery of education and training services.

Click here to see the successful providers

Monday April 15, 2013

Pleasing to see that the SFA again have acknowledged the acceptance of electronic and digital signatures within the latest 2013/2014 funding guidance. Which states:-

Confirmation and signatures

26. We recognise that you will decide which process you will use to record the learner’s and employer’s confirmation. We recognise that it is unlikely that a standard approach and process will meet the needs of every provider.

27. You can hold evidence in an electronic format. This includes holding information on electronic platforms and in scanned format, which includes, but is not restricted to, digital signatures. When you collect a learner’s signature, we accept that it may be handwritten, in electronic format or both.

28. You must make sure that digital signatures and the wider systems of control give your management team enough assurance that learners are eligible for funding and that they actually exist. You must also make sure that you have systems in place so you can monitor learner activity, including that they are continuing to learn and achieve.

29. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you keep an effective and reliable form of evidence to support funding claims, including evidence that learners actually exist and are eligible
and the activity they carry out. You must hold the evidence in a form that we can access and audit.

click here to read the full guidance notes

click here to request more information on the Smart Assessor e-portfolio

Wednesday November 21, 2012
Thank you for inviting me to be with you all today, speaking to you at this annual conference. This conference, quite rightly, is highly regarded not only by the sector but in the wider world too and I know has been recognised as a market leader. Further education has come a long way. And our history has made us what we are. I use the word our because I hope you feel that the Agency is part of the sector. Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the future, a future which builds on the funding story that Peter has recounted and takes it to the next chapter
Tuesday August 28, 2012

On 30 July, the Agency published the final version of the Funding Rules 2012/13. It is an update of Version 2, published in May 2012 which incorporated, for the first time, principles of evidence and an outline of evidence requirements in each section. This final version of the document includes a number of clarifications to the evidence requirements made as a result of feedback received from providers during June and July.

A Revisions document has also been produced which sets out the revisions made between Version 2 of the Funding Rules document and Version 3 of the document.

View Funding Rules   View Revisions

For more information visit the SFA web site

Tuesday August 21, 2012

Introduction from Kim Thorneywork, Chief Executive (interim) of Skills Funding Agency

With the Skills Funding Agency managing the delivery of £1.53 billion, approximately 60 per cent, of the  £2.59 billion fund, it is an ideal opportunity to provide some further detail as to what works well, and why, and to reflect on what this means on the ground, for individuals, for communities, and for businesses.

Thursday July 12, 2012
At the conference on 10th July 2012, the new interim Chief Executive of Skills Funding, Kim Thorneywork, discussed with delegates the simplification of the wider funding system and how the Agency will support the sector during transition to the new system while running the existing demand-led approach.  View the presentation slides here
Tuesday July 3, 2012

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) published the “2011/12 Percentage of SFA funds that are drawn down for the subcontracted provision that is passed onto the subcontractor through the contract. The release of the data follows an FoI request for the information, made by FE Week in February. 

The data reflects the direct costs incurred by the lead provider; however the diversity in the range of costs that have been recorded and reported by lead providers means it is difficult to separate fees and direct delivery costs. 

Click here for the PDF list of prime contractors, their sub contractors and fees.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Smart Assessor e-portfolio and how you can share this resource with your sub contractors please e-mail

Click here for the full article on FE Week


Thursday May 31, 2012

The Skills Funding Agency is pleased that BIS has confirmed that Kim Thorneywork will be its new interim Chief Executive of Skills Funding and will lead the Skills Funding Agency through its next stage of development.

Geoff Russell said: "I'd like to congratulate my successor and colleague, Kim Thorneywork, in her new role as interim Chief Executive. This is tremendous, affirmative news for the Skills Funding Agency and the sector. I am confident that Kim, along with the rest of the Executive Management Team, will help enable the sector to take FE to new levels of excellence."

Read the Full Press Release

Monday May 28, 2012

Business Secretary Vince Cable has written to Geoff Russell, Chief Executive of Skills Funding, to confirm the Agency’s core priorities and funding for 2012-13, along with indicative funding for 2013-14.

Click Here to read the letter and find out more ideas about how to reduce your delivery costs.

Monday February 27, 2012

In line with the intentions of the Government’s Transparency Agenda, the Skills Funding Agency have published a list of subcontractors with an aggregate contract value of £100,000 and over, together with details of their lead provider.

The list is compiled from information submitted by lead providers and is a snapshot taken at 10 January 2012. 

Click here to view the supplier list

Tuesday January 24, 2012
More than a dozen colleges who missed out in the share of £100 million worth of capital funding have been handed a lifeline.

Skills Funding Agency chief executive Geoff Russell has written to 19 colleges that applied for the Enhanced Renewal Grant advising them that the Agency, in agreement with BIS, is now able to fund their proposals
Sunday December 18, 2011

A Guide to Further Education Loans for colleges and training organisations published by the Skills Funding Agency

This briefing provides colleges, training organisations and employers (as
Apprenticeship providers) with an introduction to Further Education (FE)
Loans, including who will be eligible for the FE Loans and the courses
for which individuals will be able to use them. For the purpose of this
document the term training organisations includes employers (as
Apprenticeship providers).

Monday October 3, 2011

Earlier this summer, the SFA conducted a College and Training Organisation Survey. This was the first time that the Agency (or its predecessor, the LSC) had conducted such a survey, so there is no baseline for comparison.

The aim of the survey was to elicit the views of training providers with which the Agency contracts about their perceptions of the way they work with them. An action plan has been developed to address the key issues that were raised in the survey responses.  Click here to review the survey results.

Wednesday September 28, 2011
The Approved College and Training Organisation Register (ACTOR) webpage has been updated with a list of all providers currently registered on ACTOR. Updated lists of those organisations which are registered on ACTOR and have submitted a Single Adult Skills Budget ITT and/or Adult and Community Learning ITT are now available below.

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