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Implementing the Prevent Duty & Strategy in the FE & Skills Sector

Monday September 5, 2016 at 1:29pm

Hopefully you tuned in to last week’s free webinar on Thursday 1st September, hosted by Beej Kaczmarczyk, Director at Learning Curve Group and co-presented by Smart Assessor’s very own, Danny Taylor.

The aim of the webinar was to discuss how best to go about Implementing the Prevent Duty and the Strategy in the FE and Skills Sector. The idea behind this concept is to safeguard learners at risk of extremist influencers and stop those extremists that may seek to radicalise learners on campuses.

In the report, there was criticism from Ofsted inspectors who fed back that ‘too many providers see the Prevent duty as little more than a tick-box exercise and do not regard it as an important part of their responsibilities towards learners.’

Beej explained that there are 3 I’s that are relevant to the prevent duty and respond to the challenge of terrorism, these are as follows:

Ideological challenges: How does it impact learners through teaching, learning and assessing?

Individuals: How do you assess the risk of individuals in your organisations and deal with these individuals?

Institution: supporting sectors institutions, by increasing resilience for staff. How do trainers get the appropriate training and how do they express concerns in a certain way?

He mentions that you mustn’t just think about building itself but also parts of the institution, specifically data. Schools, colleges, training providers etc. all hold mass amounts of data and information that could be very useful to those extremists looking to encourage terrorism, institutions need to ensure this data is protected.

This is something we take great care in at Smart Assessor to protect our clients’ important information. Under our learner or assessor accounts we have a tab dedicated to the prevent duties that providers should be including as part of their institution safeguarding.

You can also upload evidence that proves to learners or assessors that you are competent in implementing the prevent duty which Beej proves is highly important. Mapping evidence of your competencies allows you to have an audit trail as well as see what elements of your resources are working and which aren’t, that way you can see where you need to improve.

The prevent duty is an important part of any skills and education provider, one that must be taken seriously. if you missed the webinar and would like to listen to it or check out the slides – please click the following links:

To view the video click here

To read the slides click here

To view our prevent brochure click here

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